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International Film & Salon

04/15/2021 05:30 PM - 07:00 PM MT


Your Home! (Zoom)


Join the WorldDenver Young Professionals for our second International Film & Salon event presented in partnership with Denver Film's Women+Film Festival. Now entering its 12th year, the Women+Film Festival celebrates outstanding cinema about and by females, and connects Colorado audiences to the filmmakers whose groundbreaking work examines the roles, challenges, and triumphs of women everywhere.

We'll start off by each watching the Indian short film "Lata" on our own devices. The film is part of the Shorts Package* featuring films from the US, Canada, India, and Mongolia/UK. Following the film, the WorldDenver Young Professionals will lead a salon discussion about the themes and culture in the film, so grab your favorite film-watching beverage and snack and join the conversation!

*Attendees must purchase the Shorts Package from Denver Film.

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Be sure to purchase the film package from Denver Film using code "WD2021" for a member discount.

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About the Films:

Lata (India): Honing a quiet strength, Lata, a 22-year-old domestic worker, navigates her way through an upper class home in South Mumbai. Within her earshot exists a milieu of drivers, delivery men, other maids and watchmen that support and maintain the apartment building and the people who call it home. Doors consistently open and close, giving Lata selective access to the various contending realities that occupy this space.

White Wedding (U.S.): Amidst a racially tense southern wedding, a biracial bride has the chance to confront her estranged black father after accidentally hiring his wedding band to perform.

Her New York (U.S.): Her New York is an intimate portrait of artist Jill Gill, who’s devotion to the demolished buildings of New York City compelled her to capture them in watercolor and ink before they were lost to history. Her paintings, dating back to the 1950’s, are from neighborhoods all across Manhattan whose landscapes have changed as the result of the never ending cycle of change New Yorkers have come to accept as a part of daily living. 

Doublespeak (U.S.): A young woman grapples with the aftermath of reporting sexual harassment in the workplace. 

This is the Way We Rise (U.S.): This Is The Way We Rise is an exploration into the creative process, following Native Hawaiian slam poet Jamaica Heolimeleikalani Osorio as her calling to protect sacred sites atop Maunakea, Hawai`i reinvigorates her art.

The Fourfold (Mongolia, Sibera): An exploration of indigenous worldview and wisdom from Mongolia and Siberia. With hand-crafted imagery, the short animation is a testament of reclaiming animism for planetary health and non-human materialities.

Material Bodies (UK): Through interweaving dance and dialogue Material Bodies looks at the relationship between amputees and their limbs, exploring how a prosthetic limb can be more like a piece of jewelry, an unpredictable friend, a dance companion, or a part of you. The short dance-documentary brings to life people’s experiences of living with disability by focusing on four amputees’ sensory response to the world, with a focus on how architecture and design can affect your physical and emotional life.

Mountain Cat (Mongolia, UK): A troubled teenage girl is coerced into seeing a local shaman in search of spiritual healing. Trapped by ancient beliefs that serve only to pacify her mother, she finds peace in the physical realm by unleashing her repressed, youthful spirit on the unsuspecting shaman when she realizes his true identity.

Sisters (U.S.): Sisters focuses on two estranged siblings who are forced to confront each other as their comatose mother nears death. Andy, a self-centered failing actress, returns to her childhood home to find Emily, her older sister whose life is on hold while she cares for their dying mother. Tensions mount as they argue over whether or not to sell their mother's house, but when the two devise a game to divide up the belongings, hidden secrets come to light resulting in a well intentioned, but ill-fated resolution.

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